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InPower LITE

InPower LITE Service tool

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InPower PRO

InPower Pro Service Tool

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The InPower Solution

 InPower™ is a PC-based service and maintenance tool that is designed to optimize service and maintenance activities associated with Cummins PowerCommand® products. InPower software links a personal computer to microprocessor-based PowerCommand Controls either locally or remotely, allowing users to perform a wide variety of adjustments, tests and maintenance activities. InPower uses the widely understood and powerful Windows® Explorer format to provide easy access to the software’s many functions. The software also has function key access to commonly used commands such as connect/disconnect, save, strip chart and monitor functions, and exit commands. InPower is a powerful tool for use in optimizing service and maintenance activities. It allows easy access to dozens of set up and adjustments in Cummins microprocessor-based controls. Because of the comprehensive access it provides, Cummins recommends that users attend a training class to familiarize themselves with control and operation of the tool and how it can impact the operation of their equipment. Inappropriate set up and adjustments can result in mis-operation of the equipment it connects to.

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