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InPower Pro

InPower Lite

InPower Onan

Installation Instructions:
1. This patch shall work for V10.0 InPower Pro, V10.0 InPower Lite, and V10.0 InPower Onan only. One of these Tools should be installed on the target machine before applying the patch.
2. Patch V10.0.3.0 supports only Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 operating systems.
3. Patch V10.0.3.0 can be installed with and without administrative privileges. However, this would also depend on the policies on the system. If the path where the V10.0.3.0 version of the tool is installed requires administrative rights, then installation of the Patch V10.0.3.0 will also need admin rights for installation.
4. All above mentioned tools and their utilities should be closed before installing the patch.
5. The Patch is uninstalled automatically when the Main V10.0.3.0 application is uninstalled.
6. If multiple tools are to be installed on a particular machine then it is recommended to install the Patch after ALL the tools are installed. Patch will have NO effect if another tool is installed post patch installation.
New features & Enhancements
1. Support of 40 field and factory features each. Previously 20 features were supported.
2. Engine serial number and engine model number has been added for Dynasty controller while calibrating in the MFG Tool. Informative message shown if there is an Active shutdown fault when Calibration is attempted on PCC3200, G-Drive and PCC2100.
Issue fixes
1. Issue fix for the Compare Utility with Dominion and Dynasty Compare utility was not showing proper comparison of capture files with Dominion and Dynasty. This issue has been resolved now.
2. Corrected the Consumer device dfa files (20.dfa,16.dfa,54.dfa,26.dfa)
3. Issue fix for the Lonmaker on Windows 8 while adding the site.Tool was unable to add the site on windows 8 when Lonmaker is installed because LonMaker does not support Windows 8 OS as yet. This issue has been taken care in Tools.
4. Updated the Tool for resolving the Client CD version conflict during PCC1302 upgrade.Client CD Version has a conflict with the tool while calibrating the PCC1302. This issue has been taken care now.
5. Issues fixed for 64 Bit (windows 8) machines for Utilities - InCal Extractor and SPEED Upload Download utility.
6. Issue fix for the font size which was too small on some of the PS4 ultrabook machines (windows 8.1).

InPower Patch V10.0.3.0

InPower Pro

InPower Lite

InPower Onan

InPower ATS


BrainBoxes USB to Serial converters are recommended by Cummins to connect to PCC controllers via InPower.


BrainBoxes Driver version V2.2.8.0 are customized drivers developed for InPower to connect to Cummins' PCC controllers.  Use these drivers if you are facing issues connecting to PCC controllers via InPower.

If needed, BrainBoxes part # 26R3046 can be ordered from

Brainboxes Drivers for InPower

InPower Pro
InPower Lite
InPower Onan
 Installation Instructions:
1. Patch V9.5.3.0 can be applied to on V9.5 version.
2. Does not require admin rights for installation.
3. Patch will uninstall automatically when InPower is uninstalled, upgraded or re-installed.
Patch V9.5.3.0 includes the following enhancements:
1. Event Handler (Fault notification window) support for PCC1302 controller.
2. The fix for the issue of PCC3300 latest calibration V3.170 & above, failing with InPower.
3. PCC1302 Flash memory expansion from 128k to 256k.
4. Issue fix for Monitor log which was creating duplicate entry for parameters for 2100-Dynasty and 3100- Dominion.
5. Fix for Monitor utility which was not displaying reports properly when parameters from Multiple Sites are being logged.
6. Fix for time stamp Issue in Monitor Utility.

InPower Patch V9.5.3.0

InPower Pro
InPower Lite
InPower GOEM
InPower Onan

Installation Instructions:

1. Patch V9.0.2.0 includes fixes made in V9.0.1.0. Hence, the V9.0.1.0 patch is not required if V9.0.2.0 is installed.

2. Patch V9.0.2.0 can be applied only on V9.0 version.

3. Does not require admin rights for installation.

4. Patch is uninstall automatically if InPower is uninstalled, upgraded or re-installed.


Patch V9.0.2.0 includes the following fixes and enhancements :

1. PCC3300 Initial calibration fails if calibration V3.12 or above is used.

2. PCC3300 connection failure occurs if calibration contains extra Enum parameter list.

3. PS0500 Corrupt calibration recovery mechanism.

4. PCC1302 corrupt calibration recovery mechanism failure.

V9.0.1.0 included following fixes and enhancements

1. Reading data tables or parameters related to PCC1302 controller.

2. Issue related to enumeration parameters not populating in the last column of the data tables.

3. Issue related to system back date error message displayed on launch of Tool.

InPower Patch V9.0.2.0

InPower Pro

InPower Lite

InPower GOEM

InPower Onan


Microsoft Re-distributable VS2005 is required for certain users installing InPower for the first time. The VS2005 installer files are available on the InPower installer but in some operating systems that version of the file does not work.

If InPower supports directs you to install this file. Then follows the steps provided:

1. Download the file.
2. Close all installation of InPower, if running.
3. Install this file with Administrative Rights. Follow the instructions seen on the screen.
4. Complete the installation.
5. Now run InPower installation with administrative rights.

VS2005 Redistributable